Final Preparations

Emails have been flying back and forth today.  Mike has built  an amazing bunk bed system for the Sprinter Support Vehicle and is putting together numerous other structural supports in the 3 vehicles.  Joan, Katie, and Dawn were packing, organizing and making all the decisions to try to pack as much as possible into 3 vehicles utilizing space as efficiently as possible.

This is the enormity of RAAM.  No matter now much pre-planning and organizing that is done the week before … RAAM is intense with trying to put it all together.  Sandy Earl an amazing Ultra-Cyclist and Crew Chief for Joan last year on RAW is our 24 hour a day contact person.  Sandy has been part of all the planning and is an enormous asset to Joan’s Solo RAAM journery that begins June 12th at 12 noon.

I can’t wait to see the entire team in Oceanside Sunday morning.  We will be getting to know each other and checking over every detail.  Our goal is to create such a well oiled machine that Joan feels totally confident with crew following behind her, tracking her nutrition, anticipating her every need.  We want Joan to be relaxed and just pedaling forward and not worrying about what is going on behind her.  Bonds are formed during these extreme athletic events that last a lifetime.  This crew is like a “Who’s Who’s”list themselves with their own accomplishments.

Joan we are all so proud of you and amazed at your courage and fortitude to take on the “beast” called RAAM.  My heart will forever be touched as you ride also for my son and the hope of a cure for the Leukemia and Lymphoma diseases.


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