T-9 days and counting

The preparations are immense. The details are countless. And the tension is starting to build. Joan Deitchman’s attempt to complete and compete solo RaaM (Race Across America) is getting close to the starting point – Oceanside to Annapolis, 3050 miles, 13 days. There are so many activities playing out simultaneously, it is hard to keep track. The training is in the taper stage. The bikes are getting their final tweaks. All the vehicles are here. Amazon Prime has been kept busy – another order every day. And the empty and still full boxes litter the Deitchman’s house. Joan’s husband Mike is busy working as a carpenter to fill the vehicles with things to hold everything – bunks for people, cabinets for the bike shorts, and tables for the coolers. The crew is trying to figure how to put all their stuff in a small bag – 2 shirts and 2 shorts, and that’s all the room they’re allowed. Everyone is drawing their strength from Joan’s monumental energy. As she puts it – it is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Not only for her but for everyone involved. The adventure will start soon.

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  1. Sheila Parker says:

    |Wish you all the luck in the world Joan!! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your elbow, get better fast and go, go, go!!!!!!

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