Race Across the West Online Coverage Details

So the time has almost come – on Wednesday June 15th I’ll start Race Across the West with the intention of riding from Oceanside, California, to Durango, Colorado (860 miles). Below are a list of places that you can get updates online during the race (which has a cutoff of the morning of Sunday June 19th).

Race Across the West Website:


RAW Race Leaderboard:


At some point I believe the RAW website will have a link to official media blogs, which will include written updates as well as video updates.

RAW GPS Athlete Tracker (requires Adobe Flash 10.3)


In the top right corner you can filter who you want to see. Note that there could be instances where this is not accurate – for example if the unit stops working or the battery dies, so don’t get too concerned if it doesn’t show any progress for a while. In these cases the RAW website should still be getting updated with regard to which time stations have been passed, so cross reference it.

Joan’s Blog/Twitter/Facebook:
Mike will be trying to provide updates as time permits and as cell coverage permits. All Twitter updates will also be sent to Facebook and my blog. Going to my blog you should get a comprehensive view of all the Twitter activity:



Hopefully Mike can relay messages to me that are posted on Facebook or my blog. Knowing that I have so many friends cheering me on is a huge motivator! Thanks for all of the support!

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3 Responses to Race Across the West Online Coverage Details

  1. Kitty says:

    I’ll be thinking of you and your crew…you are going to have a great ride!

  2. Thuy says:

    Woa! This is so huge. I’ll be cheering for you. Rock on!!!

  3. Angie says:

    go joan!! hope the weather cooperates with you!

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